Jeff King's Jeep and The Bog

by Jeff King

The Jeep in the photos is a 1953 Navy surplus Jeep that I built in winter of 1973 especially to Run the Bog at Watkins Glen in 1974. Having been a spectator at many races at the Glen from the mid-sixties on I was fascinated with what went on at "The Bog". I was determined to build a Jeep that could make it through in forward and reverse as many times as I could without being in danger of having the Jeep go up in flames. When I acquired the Jeep in '73 I rebuilt the drivetrain and brakes with heavy-duty aftermarket parts. The engine was rebuilt with a Jeep/Baja Hurricane 4 package. The tires and rims were from Dick Cepek. I painted the interior flat black with a paintbrush and the exterior orange with a paintbrush. I installed an off the shelf roll bar and a CB radio with a whip antenna. I don't recall how many times I drove through the Bog the weekend of the '74 USGP but it had to be at least 20+++ times without ever "Bogging" down (pun intended) I might just be the "King" of the Bog crossings.

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